our roots

We signed the lease on our space in April of 2017 and opened our doors on 1 July - just 13 weeks later.  The space was completely raw - studs, concrete floors and no drywall, or ceiling.  It was a very tight schedule, and no one thought we could get it done in such a short time....but our years of project management and  start-up experience forged us to march onwards through the challenges.  And of course we couldn't of done it without our great suppliers and vendors who wanted to help see us succeed! 

It was our goal to create a relaxing environment with a cool vibe bringing in elements of places we had experienced across the globe (and for me, to bring a slice of California, which is my original roots, to Cape Cod).  It is a place where you can come with your friends, chill and enjoy a great espresso drink.  Our coffee house is first and foremost a roasting facility where we roast our beans with carefully tried and tested profiles.  It is also a place where we are open to the public to show the roasting process and educate others on the process of making great coffee.

We truly believe in the concept of supporting small businesses and the community.  We source as many of our products at our coffee house from local businesses as much as we possibly can.

We hope you have a great experience at three fins.  Thank you for checking us out!