We had our official "Friends & Family" day on Saturday July 1st at our new coffee house to help us get the kinks out and taste our freshly roasted coffee - and it was a great success due to the hard work from our landlord, contractors, suppliers and newly hired employees!  

Everyone worked extremely hard - weekends and late nights to get us up and running for the 4th of July holiday weekend!  It was a challenge and sometimes stressful endeavor but it all came together to the surprise of many who had their doubts.  So, we give many hearty thanks to:

Steve Richardson for putting in the weekends to get the electrical wired, John Quigly and his team at Nauset Restoration Service for the great paint job, the team at Brewster Welding for welding our espresso bar and table frames, American Stone and their team for supplying the beautiful marble making sure it was installed just right, Wendy Smith of Shorebird Interiors and Ford Diamond in Hyannis for helping us on lighting, Hammered In Time for our custom made chairs and bar stools, John Calahan and his team on building out the interior to our specifications, Jim Ellinwood for helping us on all jobs related to trim and getting our roaster vent installed, Jean and Greg at Wind Screens for getting that rush job of t-shirts made with our logo for opening day, Kenny for helping to get the roaster off the pallet in just the right spot, and our landlord John Sisk for being so gracious!   If there is anyone I've forgotten, I apologize!  It was a whirl-wind 12 weeks and I know there were many people behind the scenes that I never even met who made this possible - Thank you!

And of course Erik Wilkey and Iuliia our employees who helped us clean windows, unpack boxes, stock product, prep and serve our awesome friends and customers on opening day!  

Catherine Bieri