Longboard 12 oz.

Longboard 12 oz.


The origin of our espresso blend is long and complex, the result of a multitude of sample roasts of multiple origins placed in a matrix.  Then each permutation of percentage of the different origins was cupped, shots pulled, and the results evaluated.  A great "shot" of expresso is a complex creature, extracted under high pressure, at a high temp, in 24-30 seconds, it has to be one perfect roast.  

This “shot” not only needs to stand on its own, offering that perfect little cup of joy to the discerning espresso drinker, but it must also provide a balanced base to a multitude of espresso based drinks, from a macchiato with a dollop of foam, to an iced mocha that is such a treat on a warm day.

Our Longboard hits these notes perfectly, with a nice hit of acidity with the first sip that merges into a wonderful smooth flavor, with a full body and rich crème. We at three fins are proud of this roast and blend, as our many espresso drinks will attest to.

My roast and origin mix may be a trade secret, but everyone can enjoy the outcome of all that research. Enjoy – Roaster Ron

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