Costa Rica Grade 1 "Tarazzu Don Roberto"- 12 oz.

Costa Rica Grade 1 "Tarazzu Don Roberto"- 12 oz.


The pure air and crystal clear waters of Tarrazú are what made Roberto Montero Castro fall in love with the slopes of San Marcos de Tarrazú. Blessed with just the right amount of tropical acidity, the soil of Tarrazú produces a coffee of tremendously unique quality. On these soils Don Roberto Tarrazú was born, grown at no less than 4200 feet with brilliant acidity, a full body and rich aroma.

Cup Characteristics:

Good body, high acidity, excellent aroma, intense flavor, chocolate notes


Roasters Notes:
This coffee is a delight to roast, the final profile roast of this bean gives a distinct chocolate note when freshly ground. In the cup when first brewed it entices the palate with its acidity that brings forward the mix of pleasing earth notes. As it cools the chocolate notes become more prevalent and even at room temperature it is a wonderful cup of coffee. As a side note, we have used this as cold brew on occasion with rave reviews from our customers. When brewed in this manner you have a velvety textured cup that goes down smooth on a hot summer day.
This roast works well for pour-overs, aero-press, French press, and a good quality drip machine.
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